Pieces of Her

by Idolised Idiot



Decided to mix some of my poetry with music and this is the result.


released November 29, 2015



all rights reserved


Idolised Idiot Belfast, UK

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Track Name: Sorry If I Loved You Too Much
I love you a lot,
And I’m afraid that won’t stop,
Until my heart begins to rot.
Track Name: My Sweet Emily
We sat on the grass to watch the sun rise,
I turned and looked into her eyes,
We kissed,
I was so nervous that I almost missed.
I’ll always remember that kiss at dawn,
Even if she has moved on.
Please never forget me,
My sweet Emily.
Track Name: Dancing With You
Dancing with you to my favourite song,
I’ve wanted this for so long.
I look into your eyes,
As blue as an ocean,
Or the summer skies.
Everything else starts to disappear,
And I fall in love with you, my dear.
Track Name: Smoking At Dawn
Smoking at dawn,
Your teeth chatter and you start to yawn.
What a night,
I don’t want it to end,
I think I’m falling in love,
With my best friend.
Track Name: The Small Hours
I hate to see your heart break,
I hate to see you lying awake,
Thinking of the boy who caused you pain.
It’s just started to rain,
But I’m on my way,
Got a bouquet of your favourite flowers,
I’ll comfort you through the small hours.
Track Name: Falling Asleep With You
Falling asleep with you,
The sound of the rain,
Tapping on your window pane.
Your bed is so soft,
I’m so glad our paths crossed
My love, nothing will do you harm,
As long as you’re in my arms.
Track Name: Journey to Nowhere
We’re driving through the night,
Going on a journey to nowhere,
You have tired eyes and messy hair.
We have a sing-along,
You mess up the words to my favouite song.
It’s because you’re tired, you swear,
I say it’s okay,
I love you too much to care.
Track Name: Beauty and Imperfection
Unrequited love is a horrible thing,
Especially when she’s the girl of your dreams.
Dark hair and a pale complexion,
She’s a mix of beauty and imperfection.
I cannot judge her for her flaws,
For I have them too,
To that beautiful girl I must say,
God I’m so in love with you.